Frost 3.1.17 Released

The big GIF update is here! You can now save GIF files into your image vault. I’ve also added an ad blocker, some UI tweaks, and squashed several bugs. Full change log follows:

  • Added native GIF support to image vault. You can now save GIF images from the web into your image vault and play them. Only GIF images saved since this update will work properly
  • GIF files can now be imported into the image vault from your device storage
  • GIF files can now be exported from the image vault to your device storage
  • Added experimental ad block (disabled by default)
  • Do you know more than one language? Help us translate Frost – see the new button in the options menu
  • Changed the look of tab loading progress icon
  • Tab bar will disappear when you scroll down, and reappear when scrolling up (with option to enable or disable)
  • Tab bar will adjust height based on device form factor and screen orientation if necessary
  • Viewing images in the image vault will now use entire screen on devices with an onscreen navigation bar (Android 4.4+ only)
  • Image saving dialog will now show progress in kilobytes
  • Fixed text selection context menu causing screen shift
  • Fixed missing xx-hdpi icon asset
  • Minor code base optimizations
  • Performance tweaks – browser scrolling should be slightly smoother
  • [Lite Version] Repositioned ads to be slightly less intrusive

Note that your device must support one of the following ABI’s to receive this update:

  • ARM
  • ARMv7a
  • MIPS
  • x86

I will be submitting this update to the Amazon app store as well. It should be available once it gets through their review process.

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