Update 2.1 for Frost Released

Update 2.1 is now available on the market for both full and lite versions of Frost. For those of you without market access, the .APK for Frost Lite is available for download on the product page.

In this update we focused on improving the address bar in two ways. First, the address bar will recognize when a non-URL has been entered and will redirect you to a Google search automatically. Second, any URLs that were entered will be displayed as suggestions in the address bar. Note that recent URLs are only saved and displayed when you have unlocked your stashes using your password.

We also included support for mobile video playback. So anytime you open a link to a .MP4 or .3GP video, it should bring up the default movie app on your device to play it.

We have also introduced a new option in the browser preferences. The “Image link behavior” option allows you to specify how to handle opening links to images. You can specify images to be opened in a new tab, a new background tab, or to use the default behavior set by the webpage. Currently, this feature only works with links directing you to a .JPG or .PNG image, however we will likely be expanding this functionality to include popular image hosts in the future. If you have specific request for image hosts to be added, please let me know in the comments below.

Finally, we have done of bit of housekeeping in the code base, killing some crash bugs and tweaking more performance into the browser.

If you enjoy using Frost we would really appreciate your positive rating in the Android Market!


  1. Royce Rosenfelt 80 · August 16, 2011 Reply

    So far so good new comer here… I downloaded then seen your update link where is it … Or did I get the update with the download

    • Anonymous · August 16, 2011 Reply

      If you look in the “Manage Apps” section of your device settings, it will tell you what version of Beaver you have installed.

  2. Rainerluck · January 11, 2012 Reply

    Good stuff! It works with Web Mail! Many others dont

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