Removing or Hiding the Approval and Collect Feedback Workflows in SharePoint

When a user wants to initiate a workflow for an item in a workflow they are presented with a page that lists all the available workflows for that item type.

By default, SharePoint will display the “Approval” and “Collect Feedback” workflows for items of the “Document” type.

In order to remove these workflows from this, or any other item type you must do the following:

  1. Goto into the Site Settings of your parent site in your site collection.
  2. Under the Galleries column, goto Site Content Types.
  3. You will now see a list of all the content types for this site collection. Select the content type you wish to remove the workflows from. In this case we will select Document.
  4. We want to manage the workflows for this content type, so select Workflow Settings.
  5. Select Remove a Workflow.
  6. You should see the workflows in question listed with 3 choices: Allow, No New Instances and Remove.
    • By selecting no new instances, existing workflows will be allowed to complete, without allowing any further to be started.
    • By selecting remove you will simply remove all associations that workflow has with that item type, terminating any pending workflows.
  7. Select Remove for bother Approval and Collect Feedback Workflows and click OK.

This will prevent the workflows from appearing in the workflow initiation page for those content types.

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