Introducing Frost 2.4

Today we uploaded the latest release of our private browser, making this v2.4. One of the biggest changes is an entire re-branding of the application. From this day forward “Frost” is the new name of our private browser. Before we get to the change-log we first want to talk about the latest version of Android, named “Jellybean” and its impact on the app.

If you’ve been reading up on Android news, you may already know that Adobe, the makers of the Flash Plugin for Android, have stopped supporting the plugin entirely. This means that Android devices running Jellybean (4.1.1+) will no longer be able to view flash content, this includes things such as flash video and flash games. Because of this, we ask users running Jellybean to disable plugin support in Frost due to the unpredictable behavior it may cause. Until Google or Adobe come up with a solution or alternative, there is nothing we can do. Until then, many websites provide mobile video in 3GP and MP4 format which Frost supports.

  • Renamed the application to “Frost”
  • Updated icon
  • Added Jellybean support. Big thanks to our Jellybean users for their feedback and patience! This has been quite a challenge due to the significant changes made to the Android framework. Since our only method of testing until now has been through emulators (which don’t always give perfectly representative results), we had to wait until Google released their OTA updates to our test hardware.
  • Slideshow shuffle fixed – will not repeat an image until all other images have been shown
  • Folders with pictures can now be imported from the SD card – folders will be created automatically for them in your stash
  • Relocated navigation bar. Open the navigation bar by pressing the globe button to the left of the tabs
  • Deprecated support for Android 2.1
  • Bug fixes – thanks for all the bug reports!

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  1. 7garrett · July 26, 2012 Reply

    Android is dropping Flash?!? Lame.

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