Frost Browser 1.0 Released!

We’re proud to release the first version of our private browser for the Android platform – Frost!

You can view it on the Android Market

Frost is a tabbed internet browser with a hidden, password protected image and bookmark stash as well as extensive privacy features. Frost is ideal for viewing adult websites, dating sites, gift shopping, banking, and saving images and bookmarks with complete privacy.

With Frost, you can be confident that your privacy is protected.

Consider upgrading to the full version with unlimited image stash space and no ads!


✓ Fast, full featured tabbed browser with plugin (Flash) support, popup blocker, and user agent switching

✓ Automatically clears all browsing history when you close the app

✓ Download images from the web and save bookmarks into a hidden, password protected stash

✓ Frost looks and functions like any other innocent browser, until you enter your password into the address bar, which reveals your image and bookmark stash

✓ The contents of your stash is hidden from other apps (such as gallery or camera) and not viewable on a computer

✓ The image stash contains a gallery of all your private images, as well as a complete picture viewer with full zooming and slideshow support

✓ Import pictures from your SD card into your image stash

✓ Polished, simple design makes the most of your screen size

✓ Tablet support

Note: Flash support requires installing the Adobe Flash plugin, available on the market.

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