Frost 2.6 Available

Frost 2.6 has been released for Android. Good news for those of you with large image stashes: this release focused on improving performance in the image stash folder view. We’ve managed to make huge improvements in speed. Using older versions of Frost it could take upwards of 20 seconds to load stashes with 1000+ images and 50+ folders. With version 2.6 we’ve managed to speed it up to the point where it takes a fraction of a second.

We’ve also made several changes based on user feedback. Cancelling a slideshow will allow the user to manually flip through the images in consecutive order. We’ve also finally fixed a bug that causes decode errors when trying to save images from certain websites.

We plan on doing these speed improvements iteratively. In the next update we will focus on adding bookmark folders as well as tools to help you organize your bookmarks. Not to mention applying many of our performance improvements to the bookmarks view as well.

Here is the full change log for this release:

  • Improved image stash folder loading performance
  • Added support for tel: links
  • Added image stash folder sorting option
  • Added quick scrolling to all lists
  • Added Google support libraries to improve compatibility
  • Moved change password dialog to settings menu
  • Imported files are now sorted in natural order of their filenames
  • Fixed image ordering when slideshow cancelled
  • Fixed bug causing decode errors when saving images
  • Fixed video player history not being cleaned up properly
  • Code optimization & bug fixes

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