Frost Browser Release Notes


  • Fixed dark mode support on some devices running Android 10 or 11


  • Added support for Android 13 and 14
  • Added vault backup and restore feature. Available in the settings menu when vaults are unlocked
  • Users on Android 13 or higher now need to accept notification permissions in order to see the vault unlocked notification and download progress notifications
  • Image export no longer relies on accessing the Android/data folder. Users can select which folder images will be exported to
  • Image import no longer relies on accessing the Android/data folder. Users can select which folder images will be imported from
  • Removed tab limit. The tab limit is now based on how much memory is free on your device. More memory means more tabs. App performance will still degrade if too many tabs are open
  • Fixed the vault unlocked notification not being dismissed in some situations
  • Bookmarks now open in the current tab
  • Added support for foldable devices
  • Fixed several bugs and crashes


  • Added support for newer versions of Android
  • Added new dark mode support for web content
  • Added new improved ad blocker
  • Added new shortcut, long pressing on the current tab will jump to the top of the page
  • Fixed some crashes


  • Updated security to address vulnerabilities. You will be asked to reset your vault password the next time you open the app. Your protected images and bookmarks will not be affected.


  • Added dark theme support
  • Added Android 10 support
  • Added Android 10 gesture support. To open the sliding menu, either swipe from the edge of your screen at a 45 degree angle, or hold and swipe from the edge of your screen
  • Added privacy setting to control certificate warnings
  • Fixed search provider sometimes resetting after update
  • Updated ad filter definitions


  • Fixed crash affecting Android Pie


  • Optimized Frost+ to remove unnecessary libraries, reduce app size, and improve startup speed


  • Fixed crash when moving bookmarks


  • Fixed several crashes


  • Added search suggestions when typing into the address bar
  • Added browser setting to turn search suggestions on or off
  • Added bookmark search to address bar when vaults are unlocked
  • Improved address bar suggestions for URLs that were typed in when vaults are unlocked
  • Improved image and bookmark vault icons
  • Improved button touch feedback on the top row of the sliding menu
  • Improved positioning of the clear button in the address bar
  • Improved undo close tab to remember useragent
  • Fixes to saving previous tab session
  • Fixed some rare crashes


  • Added new controls when using the find on page feature
  • Added material ripple effects to buttons across the app
  • Added support for keyboards to not remember any text typed into web pages (works with GBoard, SwiftKey, and more, see FAQ for details)
  • Added material thumbnails to image vault folders
  • Improved battery efficiency
  • Improved layout of settings menu
  • Improved background color response on tabs
  • Improved tab width for tablets
  • Fixed crash during or shortly after an android webview update
  • Fixed several crashes


  • Fixed crash when trying to open the sliding menu on a blank page on some devices
  • Improved handling of blank home pages
  • Fixed rare crash when switching tabs
  • Fixed crash that may happen if Frost is opened during or shortly after an android webview update
  • Fixed incorrect tabs sometimes being restored on session restore


  • Added full incognito keyboard support (currently available with GBoard)
  • Added file size details to download progress notification
  • Added support for uploading files from your device to web sites
  • Added support for decimals when specifying slideshow delay time
  • Added experimental support for storing vault files on the SD card, see the FAQ for details
  • Added new button to the sliding menu named “open in app” that appears when you have an app installed on your device that can handle the web site you are viewing
  • Added more search providers (Frost+ only)
  • Improved support for handling intents and other non-standard URLs
  • Improved how the application restores state after being purged from memory
  • Improved how download progress notifications are cleaned up on exit
  • Improved how app permissions are managed
  • Improved main thread performance
  • Improved how Frost opens URLs from other apps
  • Improved how URLs are presented in the sliding menu
  • Improved position of “add to bookmark vault” button by moving it next to the existing bookmark vault button
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Fixed rare crash when saving image to vault
  • Fixed web page horizontal scrolling not working properly when swipe to change tab setting is enabled
  • Fixed some full screen videos not always closing automatically when completed
  • Fixed some full screen videos not closing properly when the back button is pressed
  • Fixed keyboard sometimes not appearing after closing full screen videos
  • Fixed sharing a link sometimes shutting down the app when exit on home key pressed setting is enabled
  • Fixed some keyboards saving the vault password into the personal dictionary (Samsung keyboards will still be affected by this due to a bug in Samsung keyboards, see FAQ for more details)


  • Fixed crash caused by GDPR confirmation dialog


  • Added new “Stealth” setting that hides recent apps thumbnail and blocks screenshots
  • Added adaptive icon support
  • Added notification instead of a popup dialog for image download progress
  • Added support for multiple concurrent image downloads
  • Fixed integrated search
  • Fixed tab bar not appearing properly sometimes
  • Fixed tab bar scroll position being reset when using auto address bar
  • Fixed serious crash with links that may open a new tab
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Improved restored tabs, they will now remember if they were in desktop or mobile mode
  • Improved Oreo support
  • Improved Pie support
  • Improved SSL certificate warning messages to be less spammy
  • Updated ad filter definitions
  • Removed video ads (free version only)
  • Added GDPR ad compliance – if you are in a country affected by GDPR you will be asked to confirm your ad privacy settings (free version only)


  • Updated ad filter definitions
  • Fixed several crashes


  • Reorganized settings screen
  • Added a bit of spit and polish to the sliding menu
  • Added options for enabling wide viewport and overview mode. These are primarily meant to control the scale pages load at
  • Added text reflow support, can be enabled in the browser settings
  • Added option to prevent sites from opening new tabs. This is useful when browsing sites with aggressive popups
  • Added option to hide status bar
  • Removed status bar toggle button from the sliding menu, you can use the new option to hide the status bar


  • When viewing a GIF in a slideshow, the next image won’t appear until the GIF has played fully at least once
  • Reduced application footprint by about 25%
  • Added support for large aspect ratio devices (eg: Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6)
  • Updated dialog button names and positions to match Material design guidelines
  • Updated desktop user agent string
  • Updated ad filter definitions
  • Fixed issue with session restore dialog being accidentally dismissable
  • Fixed file downloads on Android Marshmallow and up (requires storage permission)
  • Fixed several crashes (including a nasty Nougat-only crash)


  • [Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher] Exiting Frost will now remove it from the recent app list
  • Web searches made from the address bar or Frost start page are now encrypted through HTTPS (DuckDuckGo only)
  • Improved support for Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Updated ad filter definitions
  • Fixed several crashes


  • Frost is now called Frost+. This is just a name change. Frost+ provides the same exclusive features and ad free experience that the paid version of Frost did
  • Frost Lite is now called Frost. Users will be able to enjoy unlimited images and bookmarks in their vaults. This version will continue to be free for everybody
  • Updated ad filter definitions
  • Fixed several crashes


  • Download dialog will no longer appear for JPG/GIF/PNG files, they will appear inside the tab the download was triggered from. This should make it easier to add those files to the image vault
  • Optimized GIF thumbnail generation
  • Updated ad filter definitions
  • Fixed several crashes


  • Updated some icons
  • Fixed several crashes


  • Material UI
  • Android 7.0 Nougat support
  • Updated icons
  • New tabs will now be positioned relative to the tab it opened from
  • Improved longpress menu responsiveness
  • Improved ad blocker
  • Updated ad filter definitions
  • The navigation bar will hide when playing videos full-screen
  • Cleaned up settings screens
  • Added notification to quickly close tabs and lock vaults
  • Added image sorting to image vault
  • Added option to disable swiping between tabs
  • Added option to disable 3rd party cookies
  • Added option to disable cookies
  • Fixed bug in popup filter causing browser intent selection to appear
  • Fixed some sites not showing mixed content (eg. some images on craigslist)
  • Fixed several crashes


  • Updated desktop user agent string
  • Fixed tutorial window not hiding properly when viewing a video full-screen
  • Updated filter definitions for ads
  • Improved popup filter
  • Fixed crash when importing or exporting images
  • Auto-hide tab bar option is back


  • Simplified switching between mobile and desktop views
  • Fixed picture download problems with some image hosts
  • [Lollipop] Fixed GIF thumbnails appearing blank
  • Updated ad block definitions
  • Improved SSL certificate validation


  • Updated ad block definitions
  • GIFs should load faster and playback smoother on supported devices
  • Fixed hotlinking issues when saving images from certain image hosts
  • [Lollipop] Fixed GIF saving and viewing
  • [Lollipop] Fixed address bar suggestions
  • [Lollipop] Fixed recent app cards
  • [Lollipop] Fixed full-screen videos


  • Fixed address bar not recognizing the Enter/Go button on some keyboards
  • Fixed a frequent crash when loading some sites. Thanks Y!


  • New sliding menu to improve performance and reduce crashiness
  • New address bar
  • Streaming video in external apps is more reliable
  • HTML5 local storage will now clear correctly on exit if the “Clear cookies on exit” option is checked
  • Frost will now remember if you were in full-screen mode the last time you used the app
  • Updated the image viewer to be smoother
  • Fixed save linked image button not working for GIFs
  • Save option will now appear for text links to images
  • Reduced overall size of application


  • Fixed image link behavior settings not working with GIFs
  • Fixed tabs from previous session not being restored in correct order
  • Fixed nasty bug that prevents vaults from getting unlocked. Thanks Paul!
  • Fixed crash in image viewer
  • Fixed crash when saving images without a content type
  • Fixed rare crash when a popup is closed by the ad blocker
  • Opening non-text links in a new tab is now fixed in Android Kitkat – requires update to Android 4.4.3
  • Save image link button is now fixed in Android Kitkat – requires update to Android 4.4.3
  • Made javascript alert and confirm dialogs called by a website have a less confusing title since users thought Frost was the source of them
  • Minor fixes and optimizations


  • Added native GIF support to image vault. You can now save GIF images from the web into your image vault and play them. Only GIF images saved since this update will work properly
  • GIF files can now be imported into the image vault from your device storage
  • GIF files can now be exported from the image vault to your device storage
  • Added experimental ad block (disabled by default)
  • Do you know more than one language? Help us translate Frost – see the new button in the options menu
  • Changed the look of tab loading progress icon
  • Tab bar will disappear when you scroll down, and reappear when scrolling up (with option to enable or disable)
  • Tab bar will adjust height based on device form factor and screen orientation if necessary
  • [Android 4.4+] Viewing images in the image vault will now use entire screen on devices with an onscreen navigation bar
  • Image saving dialog will now show progress in kilobytes
  • Fixed text selection context menu causing screen shift
  • Fixed missing xx-hdpi icon asset
  • Minor code base optimizations
  • Performance tweaks – browser scrolling should be slightly smoother
  • [Lite Version] Repositioned ads to be slightly less intrusive


  • New browser options to select which side of the screen the browser menu can be swiped in from when in portrait or landscape mode
  • New browser option to control the width of the margin that detects finger swipes to open the browser menu
  • Introduced additional step to welcome wizard to inform new users about the exit on home key pressed feature
  • Fixed several crash bugs


  • Fixed bug with exit on home key press not properly closing some screens
  • Fixed rare bug where external intents were reused after reopening the app from the recent app screen
  • Crash fixes


  • Frost will now always show a blank thumbnail in the recent apps window. Note that Frost may still appear in the recent apps screen even after exiting, but will appear blank. This is normal, Frost will only restore what you were doing if you didn’t push the exit button (or home key if you have the “exit when home key pressed” option enabled).
  • Several crash fixes


  • Rewritten from scratch for Android 4.0 and up
  • Redesigned holofied interface
  • Added bookmark folders
  • Can now be used as default browser
  • [KitKat] Built in video player with improved support
  • Reworked exit functionality
  • Stashes are now called vaults
  • Improved image vault performance
  • Many stability improvements
  • Support for ART runtime
  • Support for file downloads
  • Improved image quality in image vault
  • And much more…


  • Frost will exit if the power button is pressed or if the device goes to sleep
  • Updated browser menu interface
  • Fixed image downloading on 4chan and other sites
  • Removed options menu in browser – options available in browser menu
  • Removed options menu in image gallery – long press an image to view action bar
  • Removed options menu in image viewer – options available when image is tapped
  • Removed options menu in folder view – options available in action bar
  • DuckDuckGo available as search provider
  • Added option to change default search provider
  • Optimized data access in bookmark stash
  • Updated useragent strings
  • Added ‘About’ section in settings
  • Further stability and usability improvements to importing images from the SD card


  • [Android 4.2] Fixed AES encryption. Stash passwords should now work again


  • Improved image stash folder loading performance
  • Added support for tel: links
  • Added image stash folder sorting option
  • Added quick scrolling to all lists
  • Added Google support libraries to improve compatibility
  • Moved change password dialog to settings menu
  • Imported files are now sorted in natural order of their filenames
  • Fixed image ordering when slideshow cancelled
  • Fixed bug causing decode errors when saving images
  • Fixed video player history not being cleaned up properly
  • Code optimization and bug fixes


  • New browser interface
  • Added tab sessions. When logging into your stash you will be prompted to restore tabs from your previous private session
  • Added DOM storage support
  • Added password mask
  • Added support for new devices without menu buttons
  • Updated Import to SD interface
  • Improved batch data operations
  • View Image option will now open a new tab (Thanks John!)
  • Fixed tab cutoff bug
  • Fixed several site loading issues: Gmail, Twitter, etc. (Thanks V!)
  • Fixed crash on rotation
  • Fixed several rare crashes
  • A lot of code cleanup & optimization


  • Fixed flash compatibility on android 3.0 to 4.0.3 devices
  • Improved hardware acceleration compatibility
  • Added holo theme UI support
  • Fixed bug deleting files and folders after import from SD
  • Known bug: tabs may get slightly cutoff on android 4.0+


  • Renamed the application to “Frost”
  • Updated icon
  • Added JellyBean support
  • Slideshow shuffle fixed – will not repeat an image until all other images have been shown
  • Folders with pictures can now be imported from the SD card – folders will be created automatically for them in your stash
  • Relocated navigation bar. Open the navigation bar by pressing the globe button to the left of the tabs
  • Deprecated support for Android 2.1
  • Bug fixes – thanks for all the bug reports!


  • Added bookmark sorting
  • Added option to mute sound on startup
    Added additional privacy options
  • Added HTTP Authentication support
  • Performance & security improvements
  • Updated user agent strings
  • [Android 3.0+] Fixed image decoding issues
  • [Android 3.0+] Fixed zoom button hiding
  • Reorganized settings menu
  • Importing images from SD is now done in alphabetical order
  • Improved support for 3.0+ devices including ICS


  • Added option in the picture viewer to permanently rotate images
  • Added delete image option to picture viewer
  • Added text select, copy and paste support for browser
  • Added HTML5 video support (YouTube Mobile) for some devices
  • Important improvements + fixes to privacy & security
  • Improved popup blocker
  • Extended & improved support for Honeycomb
  • Fixed Flash video playback on certain Honeycomb devices
  • Fixed slideshow shuffle, should now be truly random
  • Updated app icon